Terms & Conditions

Membership agreement with the Ramada application:

1- The Ramada application provides all drivers with various licenses as a permanent membership.
2- A fixed membership fee.
3- The application shall, according to the agreement, transfer any request to the driver, according to his region or the regions near him.
4- There is no deducted percentage from the fees of the transferred application for the driver and the sufficiency of the membership fee.
5- If the driver fails to pay the monthly membership fee, the application immediately excludes it and cancels the membership, and he cannot participate in the application membership again except after paying 3 months in advance of the membership fee.
6- When transferring a request to receive its shipment and receipt, the driver’s application has no consequential responsibility thereafter.
7- The task of the application is to transfer cargo requests to the driver each according to its membership.
◦ I have read all the conditions for joining.